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9/11/2019 7:10:43 PM

Masterworks: Do they need to be reworkable?

Masterworks are fine. Leave them be.


They need to be reworkable, ala Warmind.


Make most guns farmable in Menagerie.


Greetings Guardians I'd like to bring this issue to your attention and discuss with you wether or not reworking our Masterworks would improve the D2 experience. I want to drive in three major points here: 1) Some guns are famous for one main, prominent characteristic: Spare Rations is all the rage these days because it can have insane Range and it's a 150. If you take away the extra Range on a greatly-rolled SR you stifle its potential. It'll still be viable but will probably be sitting in your vault, causing you to shed tears of Light each time you look at it (sorry, it's my PTSD talking). 2) Some weapons have astronomically low chances of dropping with the desired rolls. Let's take Last Man Standing for example. You have to run Reckoning 1000 times, hope to get that Perfect Opening Shot/One-Two Punch combo and you can STILL get screwed by the MW. Would you like some Reload on that? No? Then watch the video and feast on my agony. Chances of getting back in there and hoping for another re-aligning of the planets are pretty much 0. 3) Certain MWs are useless when specific Perks are present. Who wants Reload on a Rapid Hit Night Watch? In such a scenario the MW is pretty much wasted. It's just sitting there to mock you. In Warmind we could rework our MWs. It was not a perfect system and the tax on our Cores economy could be felt but at least we had CHOICE. It added a lot to personalization. Why not go back to that? Why not have a reforge system like D1/Y1's Banshee Reforge of the Banner weapons? I know Bungie wants us to farm until our brains melt but come on... some of these things are impossible to get 100% God-rolled. Unless you are obsessive that is. All in all, what we need to take away from the topic is this: WHO WANTS MORE RANGE ON THEIR FULLDAN-D!?! Thanks for your time Guardians. Please discuss.

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