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9/10/2019 10:39:59 PM

Seal The Deal Trophy/Achievement Issues

Hey guys, So what happened to me today was, that after grinding like a dumbass for the MMXIX seal - I thought that it would unlock the "Seal The Deal" trophy as well (PS4). Unfortunately - after being bummed out for a while and then reading the forum posts - I found out that it doesn't (and yes, I've tried everything - relogging, turning the game off and on again...). Can anyone explain WHY? Who thought that it would be a wonderful idea to make the trophy / achievement with the goal of "Completing a Triumph Seal." pop only for a handful of seals, but not for all of them? The SEAL is called "MOMENT OF TRIUMPH", how much triumphant can you get? Now - I understand that it works only on those seals that were available at the time of the release of Forsaken, as the trophy was released at the same time. Why not patch it, though? Every new season there is a new seal and it makes perfect sense to include it in this trophy / achievement (plus the seals are very time consuming). It's just disappointing that after I spent tons of time in order to "finish" the trophy collection ("Seal the Deal" is the only one I'm missing) - I just get bamboozled by this dumb bug and the whole thing was for "nothing" (yes, I got the title, it's great, but you get my point). And I really don't have that much time to spare working a full time job and having other responsibilites other than playing videogames all the time, so getting any other seal will be a pain in the ass (and I don't think I will do it...). Shame...

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