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9/9/2019 5:06:58 PM

[PC] Realistic Water - Casual Clan Who Treasure Nice Water Effects {PvE} / {PvP} (Casually Competative)

[u]Quick Description[/u] We're Realistic Water, we were a large group of friends who happened to make a clan. We are pretty casual, but sometimes we do things like raids and comp. We are extremly active, but if you aren't, that's fine, just as long as you play the game and are active enough to do an activity a week with us, you are welcome. [u]Our Platforms[/u] We all play on PC, and well, it's our only platform at the moment. [u]What We Usually Do[/u] We are a casual clan as we do everything together when we can, and we sometimes even host private crucible for fun, with some tournaments. We are competitive as in we do raids and gambit and crucible to win. We pretty much do anything we want, and if you have something you want to do, there will usually be enough people that want to do it that you'll have a full fireteam. [u]Region[/u] We are a mostly American clan, therefore everyone uses the American timezones. We have most of the people living on the west coast but have a few on the east coast. We are usually up for anything, as long as we have the people. Except for raids, those we do when we have at least 3 people, and usually LFG for more if we need. All that matters is that you can play during the US times. Link: My is Bageldorf#1299, send a friend request if you have any questions and I'll answer them.

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