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Was ist noch nicht vollständig auf der Gefährten-App?
Bearbeitet von Spawn: 9/9/2019 12:19:35 PM

Moderation coming to Companion app NOT

Just got mass reported for soliciting when offered to help comp for free lol yes I spammed to take funds away from carries who cheese the matchmake to get paid when bungie allows scammers to harm the experience daily here with no accountibility. Mass reports work. I said only free in every message but I'm banned for soliciting til next week lol meanwhile the same not only user names on fake accounts still spam all day actually soliciting but unaccounted for. So why does bungie protect hackers who geofence the matchmake and even sent in video proof. Can I start hacking destiny on an account I welcome you to ban to make another with special p2p routers they use to cause the exploit faster and regularly error free to get paid 40 per carry and use 6 carries in the glitch like the lfg here unaccounted for? That's only like 40*6=240 bucks per carry that last maybe 2 hours if consistently doing the exploit as game history shows them do. That's only 120 USD per hour bungie condones people here do all day daily. Aka against terms of service but yet protected. Is there a place people pay and bribe destiny like YouTubers do? It's mind blowing that the ones exposing it and wanting it patched are the ones harassed and punished like some WW1 Lenin and Stalin oppressive logic. If it's unaccounted for time for me to make some money too i guess but I'd like to understand the special treatment better. Easily patched and just to prove it the VAR that says an empty lobby is a win will be now a tie and progress remains uneffected in all ways against a forfeited match. That's too little work though I know. You pay all the designers and diss the coders as the actual foundation of any great game like most management does im sure by looking at these bugs and texture pack show where the bias is. Most on PC still aimbot with AHK and that going unaccounted for is why I don't go to PC. All fixable. All preventable. All can be handled. Zero accountibility. Even with videos evidence inside the same match lol but ok bungie... Some of us developers that ACTUALLY develop are tired of you blaming Activision on your failure as well. Wasn't Activision that took analytics down saying they don't monitor active users. Anyone else wanna define analytics lol... Like come the -blam!- on and lay down the crack pipes... What's gonna happen when Activision was the reason y'all even lasted this long as to what's it starting to appear from actual perspectives that follow and don't let media tell us whatever to like. Zero accountibility. And that will be what kills the game. Destiny 3 better be PVE only if this is how they see tossing an entire third of their population to just making PVE as they so claim to focus. Remove PvP if you won't do any work to fix the so EASY so FIXABLE issues with it. Threaten the ones wanting exploits fixed with a ban but not the ones making doctor salary hacking your games shows they're with special treatment so where do I find this special treatment. Also as far as I'm concerned I'm gonna go fruitless so anyone wanting to know the glory point win trade cheese carries do I rather expose it to make it patched than see .5kad doing paid carries legitimately spamming daily. They're probably the development team honestly smfh that's make sense...

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