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9/9/2019 5:56:17 AM

Must "DATA RECOVERY" quest on Mars be completed BEFORE weapons drop in Escalation Protocol??? HELP!

I mained a Warlock early on in Destiny 2. Got Data Recovery and Nascent Dawn and found 40/40 Nodes, etc., on that character; however, I have been playing on my Titan recently. I have done 50+ clears of E.P. on my Titan and NEVER have had [b]ANY[/b] weapon drop. I just need the SMG in order to get the Wayfarer title which is a title that just showcases how ridiculously STUPID it is to tie title completions to items that drop as part of a RNG system. I am starting to believe that if you're running Escalation Protocol on a character that has not completed the quest "Data Recovery" and got the hand cannon (IKELOS_HC_V1.0.1) from Rasputin, [b]NO WEAPONS WILL EVER DROP FROM THE ESCALATION PROTOCOL EVENT. [/b] If this is not the case then my account is bugged, or something. I wish Bungie would take items like the IKELOS weapons and the Braytech Osprey rocket launcher (also required for the Wayfarer title) and have Anna Bray sell some sort of ticket that increases the drop chance for these items for 4 hours. Just some ticket you can pick up from her in exchange for something like 10,000 glimmer and 100 Legendary Shards (anything, I don't know) JUST SO THAT YOU DON'T GO F-ING BONKERS DOING SOMETHING THAT WILL LIKELY [b]NEVER[/b] DROP THE WEAPONS.

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