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9/5/2019 7:35:03 PM

Simultaneously Lucky... And Unlucky (Best of Year 1 Engram Emotes don't seem to be dropping)

[url][/url] Is this post necessary? Probably not, but my frustrations with Bright Engrams are at an all time high, so I wanted to share my experiences and opinions, (and maybe a rant). Since Season of Opulence dropped, I've probably opened hundreds of Bright Engrams. I've gotten dozens every single Ship, Sparrow, Ghost Shell, and received every Ornament, and Emote... all except two: The Selfie, and Curtain Call Emotes. Now I know Bright Engrams have some level of Duplicate Protection. This post by Bungie: [url][/url] states that, "When receiving items from the Cosmetic or Consumable lists of potential rewards, a player's account will not be awarded the same item type twice in a row (i.e. two Exotic Ghosts), but may be awarded the same reward category twice in a row (i.e. an Exotic Ghost and then an Exotic Ship)." We see this happen in the video when I get a Sparrow, then a Ghost Shell, then a ship, then back to a Ghost Shell. The article further states that Exotic Emotes have a 3% chance of dropping, verses the 2% that other Exotics Accessories. So my question is, how is it possible to open hundreds of emotes, get tons of duplicate exotics, but not get the two Exotic Emotes that I'm missing? It just doesn't seem right. Is it really just a bad case of luck? A bug? A glitch? Whatever the reason is, I just want an answer.

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