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9/5/2019 5:09:59 PM

If rally barricade is going to lose the auto reload, can it at least get something else to compensate?

People are saying that the auto reload will be replaced with faster reload speed and I'm ok with that, but I feel like rally barricade should be improved to compensate due to how much the change is going to affect the utility of the barricade itself. It's size and shape allows things with radius to glitch through it and you are not even fully covered when you crouch behind it, unless you use the side pieces which are larger for whatever reason, but then you are more exposed to the radial damage on the sides. They need to increase its size so that it protects you better and maybe something like it grants increased recovery speed or flinch reduction, because you get killed so easily while standing behind it due to its function as "protection" being so limited and with it losing the auto reload, it's purpose will be crippled, especially since a lunafaction rift will still be better for every scenario. I know improving the rally barricades ability to block damage would be a problem for towering barricade, but I have no real reason to ever use it even in something like crucible. The barricades honestly just suck and serve as a rarely useful defensive ability.

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