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9/3/2019 6:34:41 AM

Recluse needs to be nerfed

FOREWORD: This is the view of an avid PvP and PvE player and raider on console. This is just my conclusion from my own observations and completely my own OPINION. In PvP, I don't mind the Recluse. Sure, it may be annoying in QP, but it isn't really game-breaking and doesn't ruin the experience for me. PvE, on the other hand, is completely different. It is so powerful, that whenever I'm using any short-to-mid range elemental primary other than Recluse for anything other than Patrol, I fell like I'm majorly missing out. Not to mention, it has deemed so many powerful elemental primaries irrelevant. Tarrabah, for example. It's too powerful and it needs a nerf in PvE, stat.

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