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Destiny 2 Triumph Bug

I've not been able to redeem the Triumph called "[i]Honed for Speed[/i]" since Forsaken launched. I assumed this was because the Ascendant Challenge tied to it had a ridiculous time requirement, and decided to try and speed run it a couple minutes ago. I got a sub 2 minute run, which is well faster than the requirement, but no Triumph popped up. So I inspected the page again and noticed I already had the Triumph that requires me to complete all Ascendant Challenges. I thought this was weird, and assumed it to be a bug. I checked the Known Issues list, and didn't see anything mentioning this on there, so I figured it would be a good idea to post this here. EDIT: Nevermind, guess I just wasn't fast enough to finish the challenge (until now). Oh well. Apologies for the waste of time.

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