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8/31/2019 1:11:21 PM

Grouping system with Shadowkeep?

Hi, I wanted to know if someone hase more information about the grouping system with the transfere to steam. Like now we need to add all the random people to Bnet in order to invete them to the group. Which is a pain in the ass tbh. I would like to see a grouping system ingame, and i dont mean matchmaking for everything but more like the ability to manually form a group from within the game. for example a Looking for group chat were i can post, "hey looking for People/group to do nightfall" and then people can whisper me and i can invite them from the chat or they can just invite me. Or even better a system were you can set up a group for a activity and add a text and stuff an people can apply to you group or you can apply to other groups. Something like that would defnettly bring me back to Destiny. i just dont like the fact that i just NEED to add all the randoms to my Bnet account. I heard from an earlyer interview that they wanted to Improve the social part with grouping etc. but i havent found more infos about that, does anyone else knows something?

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