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Oh! A Piece of Candy | Recruiting | Oh! A Piece of Candy | PS4 | Oh! A Piece of Candy | 18+

[b]Oh! A Piece of Candy[/b] is looking for Guardians who: [spoiler]A) Play all the time B) Play most of the time C) Play some of the time D) Play when they actually have time E) All of the above[/spoiler] If you are looking for a clan that: [spoiler]A) Was started by Guardians who enjoy running with a pack and being a lone wolf. B) Welcomes Guardians who like to play solo but [i]also[/i] like clan perks C) Uses [url=]Discord[/url] to share game info, campaign grinding tips, Charlemagne LFG/stats, etc... D) Only has one requirement to be a member: Proper Teabagging Etiquette E) Any of the above[/spoiler] Interested in joining or want more information? You can find Oh! A Piece of Candy [url=]here.[/url]

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