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8/29/2019 7:07:59 PM

How to fix the Heroic strikes (Strike Armor)

I always loved going into the strike playlist in Destiny 1, getting the Taniks strike, and getting to the end to hopefully see his cloak drop. Same goes for the cabal brothers in the dreadnaught, where I hoped I could blind myself with a big armpad while firing TLW. The specific armor was so well designed, and every piece was reminiscent of the boss that was defeated. Bungie you keep telling us about your interests in making the heroic strikes in D2 more playable and less of a chore, but that’s because there is no reward in doing it. Strike specific weapons should remain a nightfall drop (maybe guaranteed at a certain threshold), but the heroic playlist should be at least a little rewarding for people to want to grind them out. I know most posts like this are overlooked, but this is merely my own opinion and I’m open to hearing other thoughts and, of course, Bungie’s.

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