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8/26/2019 4:29:04 PM

xbox clan Scarred by Light recruiting

We Are Scarred By Light,We are a Clan that excels at ALL content of Destiny 2.Some of our seasoned veterans go back since d1 and have lots of experience.We don't mind helping out as long as you show that you want grow and learn with this clan.We have a DISCORD that helps with setting up games for ease of playing with different time zones if new to it we have a channel to teach the basics.Discord is also used to share information for all things destiny.We are looking for people to fill our roster with active players looking to consistently strive to be a better monster killing machine.All we ask for is to be ACTIVE in the game and discord.Lets build our monster killing machines together!!! (DISCORD IS REQUIRED) Our requirements to join the clan is to meet 1 of the following: (Looted/guided clears only) 10+ Crown of Sorrows 10+ Last Wish 10+ Scourge of The Past a combination of 25+ of the 3 1.5 K/D overall with 500 combined quickplay/competitive matches Are we recruiting? [YES] NO

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