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Bearbeitet von BNGHelp6: 8/24/2019 11:05:26 AM

This is a petision to make bungie remove all these: wait 90 days or 60 days to activate cross save again.

I have now noticed that there is more people with the same problem as me. All this is new to us so I think these temp bans from activating cross save is a bit harsh. The thing that happened: threre was an error on the website right when I activated cross save. So the accounts didnt cross save as I wanted. So I deacitvated cross save and note: I did not get any pop up or info about the 90 day wait. I feel like that is important. Please Bungie I beg you! Remove all these 90 days wait for us who just tried to solve a simple problem. We dont want to be punished for something someone else messed up. -_- And I wanna play Shadowkeep at launch on pc but I wont be abble to to that cuz of this bs. Like, really? the ban will go away TWO MONTHS after shadowkeep. Thats kinda stupid. Sorry about spelling errors, but Im stressed
#Help #pcsupport

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