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8/24/2019 12:44:12 AM

Buff thundercrash.

I know a certain person is out on the march to ensure the bungie overlords listen to our pleas of buffs for code of the missile. We titans have twiddled our thumbs and curled our toes for too long I'm perfectly aware the other classes have skill trees with issues, but this isn't the place to discuss those)! Having a one off super that tickles boss health and a "neutral game" that is entirely dependent on rng for viability is no good! It's common that skullfort is the main argument for why it's good, but take it off and observe just how bad it really is. Sure if you land on 10 enemies with your charged melee you will get a significant amount of super energy, but a lot of builds with ability regen and perks like enhanced ashes to assets could match the speed at which thundercrash recharges. Or how about just using bad juju? There are things a lot of builds can do in this game that allow you to get your super insanely fast. Top tree stormcaller and enhanced ashes to assets, even more with crown of tempests. Middle tree sentinel with doomfang (bottom tree can potentially be better because of "in the trenches") Chaos reach with geomags and cutting off your super, effectively reducing your cool down by 40% and the ionic traces which give a tiny bit of super energy. Of these 3 they all have something in common, a form of ability regen and an exotic or perk they can use to bump up their super regen. Thundercrash needs an exotic to get ANY regen AND for the super regen to be massive enough, you need to be able to spam it. But these other builds can walk around with a full neutral game AND super come that's fair? Inertia override is one of those perks that's just gimmicky. In crucible it can be a really good perk but in pve it's just plain garbage. It's entirely rng based as the enemy doesn't always drop ammo. The worst part isn't just that it's rng based, but rather the buff is kind of just...worthless. In lower light activities it's fun to just slide around and make use of inertia, but in tougher content you will NEVER slide into battle and unless you let ammo sit around and then set up around it, the perk will kinda just sit there and be as useful as hardlight is against enemies without shields. It's too dangerous for basically a stack of rampage and a reload. It's not worth it. And the super does like no damage. It having potential to charge faster understandably makes its balancing point the lack of damage...but it's SO bad that it's really not worth it. Like I said above, there are builds that can give you crazy super regen and then also incredibly high damage or utility. Thundercrash kind of just does...nothing. It can kill orange bars and that's pretty much it. Something that a few slaps from ANY titan mobile super can do. It's damage has to be substantial enough to set it apart from the rest because every other titan super does more damage and has WAY better ad clear. To clarify on the points above, these are my issues with the skill tree: No ability regen. Low super damage. Inertia override is too rng and weak in pve. What I want is something to remedy these problems and to free code of the missile from skullfort slavery. It's just not fun to have to wear an exotic just to make it useful. In PvP it's fine but it seriously struggles outside of pvp on its own and it's entirely apparent by how few people use it and how few actual titan players seem to talk good about it. It needs like a 50% super damage boost (still keeping the faster super regen potential in mind). To regen it's charged melee faster while sprinting (it just needs to have some way to accelerate it's melee regen, like maybe sprinting increases it's recharge rate by 40-60% or maybe activating inertia override restores some melee energy...SOMETHING). Increase the pve damage buff on inertia to 35%, increase it's duration to 5 seconds (decreasing it's PvP damage to compensate is perfectly fine with me as I don't really care all that much for the damage buff at least not as much as the reload). I know a lot of people are going to argue with me and tell me about how "good it is," but please, I ask you to try out thundercrash in pve without any mods on or skullfort. It just feels so unbelievably terrible. Like burning maul once it loses its throwing hammer level terrible.

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