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Bearbeitet von o MontyCasper o: 8/23/2019 4:17:16 PM

Melee Trading in PvP

Anyone else noticed if you successfully hit someone with your melee twice they still have the opportunity to trade with you before they fully die? Got in a melee fight with someone usually it's two successful hits to get the kill. Since I started hitting him first I had full advantage because my melee would have hit twice before he could. Yet after I hit him the second time the kill didn't register till after he had got his second melee off and traded with me. Felt kind of robbed since I had the advantage. I should not have died in that situation. Is this due to server lag, or is it an actual bug when you kill someone they still have a few seconds to do whatever? I can't imagine the dev's intended for this to be a possible outcome of a melee 1 to 1 fight.

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