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Bearbeitet von LeVante: 8/23/2019 3:55:47 PM

Luna's Howl is still a problem top of the meta

Nothing has changed, the nerf improved things just a tiny little bit...but as you can clearly see from the stats Luna's Howl is once again top of the meta by a long mile and [b]once [u]AGAIN[/u][/b] it's mostly a handcannons meta. I'm really sick of this, with very few exceptions (a handful) almost every single time it's either Luna's Howl or Last Word or Not Forgotten or Trust or Service Revolver. Why do handcannons have such a privileged position in Destiny PvP? It seems like the sandbox team doesn't care about getting diversity in the crucible. There're such a potentially good weapons out there and yet the truth is that handcannons are favoured, it's too easy to get kills with those handcannons. I'm definitely far from being a handcannon fan and yet once I had the Luna's Howl it was EASY MODE ON. Easy! So steady, little or no recoil and huge damage even at silly range. I was stupidly getting kills even when I was drunk. Bungie needs to do a better job to offer equal opportunities to different weapons. I'm so sick of seeing Luna + Dust Rock Blues all the times. The Crucible is literally full of hunters which spam 3-tap handcannons and slide everywhere shotgunning. I personally no longer use it and I decided to snipe more (something that's actually challenging and rewarding).

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