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8/23/2019 2:16:37 PM

Companion app and cross save

Good morning! Something I noticed while trying to recruit via the companion app with my account which is cross saved from PC to ps4- you can’t post for PS4 this way, it seems. Unless I’m goofing up somewhere. I changed the platform within my profile settings to “PlayStation”, but when I create the fire team and select my “blizzard” characters, (this May potentially be where the issue is?) it seems to create the post within the blizzard format, as at the bottom of the screen it informs me to add someone via battle tag just as it would for a blizzard posted fireteam recruitment. Anyway, sorry if my explanation was garbage, but hopefully this helps! Thanks for cross save! Changed my life. My PC is pretty outdated, so I was eager to switch over to ps4 and play the game at more than 15 FPS with basically pixel graphics 😂 render resolution at 25% and I still pulled a positive k.d. in crucible 😜

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