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[PC/NA] Flat Earth Ninjas is recruiting. You should Join.

Flat Earth Ninjas is a very active multi-game community with two in-game Destiny 2 clans, as well as clans in Division2, Ghost Recon, Warframe, R6S, etc... We are currently looking for new members for our Flat Earth Ninjas in-game clan. Our only requirement is that members are indeed active. We are open to both casual and serious players, and have the structures in place to cater to both. We use Discord as our overall clan communications tool, and therefore it is highly recommended that members join our Discord server. We have an active raiding schedule, and clan members are very helpful to new members. We also use Guilded as our overall clan hub for forums, scheduling game and clan events, and a useful information database on the games we are currently in. We also have a Steam group as most of the games we play are accessible through Steam, and we do clan giveaways through our Steam group. So it is highly recommended that members join Guilded and our Steam group as well. If you are new to PC, or your clan is dead, or you just want to be in a clan that is always active and doing something, please request to join today.

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