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Destiny 2 erhält heute ein Update. Spieler müssen sich nach dem Update wieder bei Destiny 2 anmelden. Bleibt mit @BungieHelp auf dem Laufenden.


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Vote this up to raise awareness if you are locked out of your main due to silver purchasing - HUGE PROBLEM BUNGIE -

I would really like to bring attention to bungie and make it loud and clear how many people have gotten screwed over with the unclear memo (that I don’t believe exists) about not being able to deactivate cross play with recent silver purchased. I’m seeing everything up to 90 freakin days of people not being able to get back into their main account. We were just trying to check out our old characters from other platforms and then switch back. Maybe stupid to do so, but who cares. It’s our accounts. This lock out Is unfair and crushing. We spent money on the game just to have our account on lock?? What kind of BS is that? We won’t be able to access our paid shadowkeeps until long after. Keep up with the game on our main accounts. Finish our content for the year. We will miss Events. This is horrible. I will walk away from the game if this isn’t noticed and action isn’t taken. Please vote up if you’re a similar player going through the struggles I am with my account! Keep in mind Bungie, most if not all these people will be asking for refunds on shadowkeep! Not being able to play it on their main accounts for 3 months! Insanity. You should have disclosed this information better or at least in your FAQ!!!!

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