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8/20/2019 3:20:24 AM

Connection Issues (Again. Third time's the charm. Maybe...?)

I've complained a lot, so I understand it can get repetitive, but please Bungie fix your servers! I won't pay for the new expansion if I can't even enter the Traveler, which FYI you need for everything in this game. This is my third post on these forums of the same topic and I think I've commented around twice or more in similar posts. I can't do anything in Destiny 2 without being kicked out every minute simply for existing. It used to be I could play Crucible and Gambit just fine, now I can't even do that without getting kicked. I can't do patrols without getting reloaded to the nearest spawn point within the area, or getting sent to orbit, or the NPCs not spawning (which ends with me being sent to orbit). I can't play strikes without getting kicked out and losing all progress unless I am with friends/clanmates. Do you know how annoying and hard it was to 'complete' (no master work) the Solstice set?! If not for my friends and clanmate I wouldn't have bothered after the twentieth time I got kicked out of the strikes/crucible/gambit/AEZ. Sometimes, I don't even make it past your infinite loading screens. My screen just goes black, I sigh and tell my friends through the PS Party that I've been kicked out just in time to get the 'Error you been kicked out of the fireteam' or if I am alone 'Error you've been sent to Orbit', or my favorite one (simply because the border is pleasant blue rather than red) 'Error you've been kicked out of the game world'. Though to be fair I dream of those two red and one blue messages. I see them when I close my eyes. Let me give an example: yesterday I asked a friend and a clanmate to help me get the Thorn, I had already painstakingly done all the requirements which meant getting kicked out during Blindwell, Escalation Protocol (didn't bother with a Nightfall just the though of it makes me shudder) and Crucible but hadn't gotten around to the strike knowing that I am not skilled enough to do so alone and of my connectivity issues. If I remember correctly I got kicked out 3 or 4 times during the same run of the strike. Once during the beginning of the strike, two during the final boss and unless I am confusing it with another strike then once more nearing the area where you fight the final boss Savathun's Song where the Wanted enemy appears. If not for my friend and clanmate I would have lost all progress in that mission should I have attempted it alone (not crazy enough to do so, but it was an option) or with randoms. SIMPLY PUT I CAN'T PLAY YOUR GAME! Believe me when I say that I have no love for my internet service provider, heck every time something like this happens they are the first I blame but when, as I have previously stated in my other posts, I can play Wareframe, Overwatch, Monster Hunter World, Apex Legends and any other of my games with online multiplayer just fine then it's not them it's you Bungie. Oh and don't tell me to restart my modem: been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, it doesn't change anything. Please for the love of all that is holy do something. I want to play and enjoy your game but my daily experience can be summarize as follows: Me: Login and trying to enter the Traveler or trying to play any other activtiy Destiny 2: I'm sorry but it looks like you're not on the list. Please keep trying and maybe we'll take pity on you and let you in. I was going to go through all the trouble of posting a YouTube video just for this; of trying to enter the Traveler for six minutes and being denied every single time, but I decided against it. Oh and just so we're clear after six minutes of trying I still didn't manage to enter the Traveler, but you know what I did manage to do? Close the game application. I apologize if this comes about as disrespectful, but I am frustrated with the situation. If anyone answers: Should I just give up and delete the game? Or keep trying to see if it at some point it gets better?

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