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8/20/2019 4:23:22 PM

If Bungie is going to nerf Super's Recharge in PvE, we should know BEFORE buying Shadowkeep

I'm a PvE main player and I have terrible memories of how D2 was at launch and almost for ONE ENTIRE YEAR AFTER. We were weak and slow, Supers were weak, Super's recharge was so bad that we could use only 1 Super for Strike. If you had your Super charged, you were forced to keep it for the Bosses which were big bullet sponges. I don't wanna go back to that shit because some nerd said on a video that PvE is too easy and that there are too many Supers in PvP. There are too many Supers in PvP? Ok. Fix that but don't touch Space Magic in PvE. I don't wanna get nerfed to the ground AGAIN. Bungie should CLEARLY talk about this into a TWAB or post something about. How much Supers and Supers Recharge are going to get Nerfed in PvE? Clear details about. I loved Forsaken, I love Space Magic, I love D2 gunplay... but after 1 year of crap and 100€ of almost nothing (D2 year 1) wanna be sure before spend other money on this game.

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