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8/20/2019 4:14:17 PM

Nightmare gamemode discussion

- So this new Nightmare Hunt mode seems to be something of a strike/dungeon mixed into one with multiple difficulties players can choose from. - Players can do up to 3 for powerful loot (like strikes) and then casually grind them for what I am assuming loot from a curated loot pool i.e only Shadowkeep weapons and armor. - Harder versions add more modifiers a lot like Nightfalls and Heroic Menagerie that may be rotated weekly. - There are 3 available *but could/hopefully rotate between different boss encounters on a weekly basis like Escalation Protocol. - They are closed lobbies--no public spaces like EP. - Different 'Champion' modifiers are added suggesting the inclusion of [i]mini-bosses[/i] like strike playlist wanted enemies? ----------- I really hope these are less like current strikes and more like dungeons mixed with the feeling of the EAZ space. My Bungie [i]fanboy side[/i] wants these to feel like the classic Halo Firefight modes from ODST and Reach, but that may never come to be. It would be nice to see an endless mode like Firefight come to Destiny, but based off the information from the recent screen shots, these Hunts just look like repayable mini-dungeons. Thoughts/ideas?

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