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8/18/2019 7:08:20 PM

[XB1] Ishtar Alumni is looking for raiders and PvP players! [NA] Ishtar Alumni [XB1] “Better to have a tombhusk and not need it, than to need a tombhusk and not have it” The Ishtar Alumni was created from the dawn of Destiny 1 where on the planet Venus, we attended the Ishtar academy and graduated from it to form what the Alumni is today! Our biggest goal is to create a big awesome environment where people can socialize and play together! When it comes to all things PVE/PVP, we major in the PvE aspect of the game such as raiding, and minor in the crucible. We will be there to help you and of course get all of our engrams for the grind and further seasons in the future! We need members that are active and who know their way around a raid and are “good” at PvP. Basically all around awesome to play with! Our members use the app Discord. DISCORD IS MANDATORY, and we ask that all members use it and be active and keep updated with the clan. We have a hard cap of 10 days without playing destiny will result in a kick out of the clan. We are a drama free clan and our admin team reserves the right to remove any who cause issue, with or without warning.

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