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8/18/2019 7:56:03 PM

{Ps4} Valhalla™ | LOOKING FOR RAIDERS | Active discord | Quality > Quantity | PvE RAID CLAN |

Hello Guardians! We are an active and highly skilled PvE clan. We do everything PvE such as: - Raids - Prestige Raids - Tier 3 Reckoning - Max Handicap Nightfalls - Guided Games Raids - Speed and Challenge Runs - Title Grinds - Some Comp For Crucible Lovers This clan is for players who play multiple times a week and enjoy playing with their clan in prestigious PvE activities. We thrive off the activity of our members so activity checks are done frequently and room is made when necessary. As previously stated we raid a lot throughout the week so if you are not familiar with the raids there would be no point in you joining. You will be raid reported before approval. Our requirements are listed below: - Must have AT LEAST a Diamond Rank V on your full clears rank on raid report. The higher your rank the more likely you’ll be accepted. -Must have at least two of the following on your raid report: - A week one or day one tag on any raid - A flawless tag on any raid - A 2 man or 3 man tag on any raid - Discord is mandatory and the link will be given to you upon being accepted. -Egotistical or toxic behavior will not be tolerated. As well as no forms of bigotry or hate speech. We promote a positive and efficient gaming environment. Efforts made against this rule with be dealt with promptly and accordingly. **Clan is invite only so if you’d like to join send the clan owner or an admin a link to your raid report ** ** DON’T APPLY IF YOU’RE MOVING TO PC** Check out our #Destiny2 clan!

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