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8/18/2019 12:14:22 AM

Refer a Friend Still Not Working

Hello all, I have a friend that just got Destiny 2 Forsaken so I sent him a link for the refer-a-friend and we got nothing. We have looked and looked and tried so many things over and over and it still just says "Your referred player needs to play the game to finish the referral bond". He has beaten the whole first part of the campaign and nothing. Hawkthorn has nothing. His email is linked to and we have looked in a thousand different places to get this fixed. Time is ticking because we have 7 days from when he bought the game and this is super stupid. I have read dozens of circumstances exactly like ours and they get zero support. It isn't like this is new either. November 2018 are when the complaints started and nothing has changed. If anyone has a fix I would appreciate the help because this is frustrating for both me and my friend. I am sitting on my level 700 Titan and it would be amazing if he could get an experience boost to partially catch up. Thank you for reading, Xxv Maximus vxX

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