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Destiny 2

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8/16/2019 4:34:59 PM

How has this been overlooked so hard?!?!

So I finally decided to dig a bit further. I want to start learning Hand Cannons on PC. I really like 110s. But also I've focused on using energy primaries as they feel the best general option for PvE. So I start digging around for a 110 Energy Hand Cannon with Drop Mag. None? Well okay let me remove Drop Mag, won't be using one for long then, but as long as I have options. 110 Energy Hand Cannons... Results, one. -blam!-ing ONE O N E. A SINGULAR 110 ENERGY HAND CANNON. WHAT THE ACTUAL -blam!-. AND THE FIRST COLLUMN OF PERKS SUCK SO BAD. W H A T T H E -blam!- W H A T T H E A C T U A L -blam!- HOLY SHIT THIS IS A BAD JOKE. SERIOUSLY.
#destiny2 #Loot

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