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8/16/2019 12:15:01 AM

cross save and dlc transfers

Idk if this has been asked/answered but I have a question that I cant find an answer to when I google it so I'm coming here to ask. I stopped playing on my Xbox character when I got destiny 2 on pc, I own all the DLC except the annual pass on pc but own no DLC on Xbox, however, my Xbox character has more gear because I played on him more(I stopped playing on pc after a week cause I didn't feel like grinding again) . When cross-save comes out and I wanna use my Xbox characters on my pc as my main guys will I have to re-buy the DLC or will it act as a transferable PC DLC license and essentially migrate the DLC over to the new guys on my cross-save account. I do not intend on playing on Xbox again so I don't think id have to re-buy the DLC but I'm not sure.
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