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The 6th Legion [XBOX] "TSL" is calling all Guardians [ACTIVE] [ENDGAME] [CHILLED] [ADULTS ONLY]

Eyes up Guardian! The 6th Legion is looking for helpful, experienced light wielders. We are a long existing D2 clan, small family of (70) with experience in most raids and all Endgame content. Discord is not a must, but it is our means of communication and we use it HEAVILY. Our doors are open to all, whatever your playstyle is. Team player or Lone Wolf, all are welcome. It just so happens that a lot of our members are solo players and mostly don’t engage with each other… …which is why we are currently ONLY recruiting guardians who are willing to participate in clan activity and are interested in Endgame content. Our goal is to create a place where everybody benefits from each other and don’t have to use f***ing LFG :P Now…how do you qualify: • Be active • Be engaging (...somewhat) • Be an allrounder (either PvE OR PvP) • Be willing to learn Raids (if need be) • Be appropriate(ly inappropriate) WE DO NOT tolerate discriminatory slurs or any form of hate speech! We are not specific to any time zones. Hell, we even have Europeans (actually just one...which would be me :P) Should we make plans, we would do so in CENTRAL Time. Anyways! With that said, …are you willing to participate? Then leave a comment, and we'll hit you up.

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