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8/14/2019 9:16:28 PM

Repetitive boss design and Raid loot

So from I’ve been hearing is that Well of Radiance is gonna get a nerf thanks to a YouTuber/ Streamer complaining about difficulty. The problem isn’t how players are going about killing the bosses. Instead it is how the bosses are designed. Hear me out, in D1 the first 3 Raids all required a guy to use the artifact weapon at some point either to take down a shield or slice at the boss who is on their knees. These artifacts brought actual challenge to raids as one person was leading the pack of guardians and becoming the [i]Hero[/i] of the raid for a lack of better words. I’m not demanding that all raids be designed with an artifact weapon but I think raids need [i]Heros[/i] to truly make the raids feel enjoyable instead of a slow slog of the following. 1 Burn ads 2 Disable boss (Optional) 3 Burn boss (with meta weapons only) 4 Collect loot The problem with the above design is that A. Most times bosses are only designed to have 1-2 damage phases maximum which is unforgiving to most players especially with the torturous token revive system. B. If there is no disable boss mechanic, the big baddie is just a huge sponge. What’s the point in shooting a wall with flesh? That’s doesn’t feel like accomplishment at all! C. Unless the ads are essential to disabling a boss why even have them at all? I’m talking about [i]sniper ads and hordes of ads[/i] the rest I could care less about. D. I get it raid loot is rare but sweet Jesus, I wish there was more purpose to running a raid than just [b]The Exotic[/b], why can’t we have a set of static rolls or more than curated roll per weapon. [i]Also curated armor would be an interesting addition to the game.[/i]

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