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8/11/2019 9:23:24 PM

Anyone give No Man's Sky a second try?

I was so intrigued by the concept of the game when it released that I picked it up and actually enjoyed it for a while before its reptititivness began to really show. Traded it in as a result, and I never thought I'd revisit it, because to be honest I imagined that the company would have been entirely ruined by their failure, and the subsequent fallout. Fast forward to now, and its it's nice to know Murray truly believed in his vision. The guy likely knew it was possible from early on, and he was committed to seeing it through. Same goes for those on the dev team who stuck it out as well. Evidently though, he projected the development timeline poorly, and was so hyped by his own vision, that he was more interested in getting people to buy the concept he believed in before it came to fruition. The epitome of putting the cart before the horse, I guess. But with everything that has been added, I'm tempted to have a go at it again, and on the marketplace right now its going for about 30 bucks. So, anyone here giving it another go? Anyone actually stick with it this entire time? Thoughts?

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