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Bearbeitet von SasquatchTom1388: 8/10/2019 7:13:49 PM

Enhancement cores disappeared

Got on this morning, first thing I went to spider to buy a few stacks of phaseglass for legendary shards. I then infused a 750 pulse rifle into my Halflan-D to make it 750; that cost on top the other materials needed, a total of 2 enhancement cores. I then went into my consumables and opened 7 Soltice packages (one of which gave me an enhancement core, at that time I had 82), and then did a few of EAZ runs to try and finish my blue set of Soltice armor. After returning to the tower I dismantled a legendary pice of armor from the postmaster that was below 750 and it gave me an enhancement core. Went into my consumables to see how many I had and it showed 2. All I did was use 2 cores, and got those 2 back. I'm not the only one to have this issue, after Googleing it I saw posts as far back as February after an update. I know Bungie can't replenish "deleted or lost items" but I would like them check for a possible bug with the cores. Now before someone condescendingly suggests I deleted them, you can't delete them in mass. To delete 82 cores you have to delete them one at a time and that would take awhile.

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