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Was ist noch nicht vollständig auf der Gefährten-App?
Bearbeitet von Alex Mzplik: 8/11/2019 12:31:05 AM

Suggestion: Why cant I get the bounties from the vendors with the app?

Lately I only use the companion app to quick see the bounties available, check the status of some thriumphs I'm interested and read the lore sometimes. I've been using the Ishtar Commander that IMHO do a better job as a inventory manager with a handy tracker for active quests, [Infamy, Valor and Glory] rank and milestones - if you using a tablet. Often after a while playing with some friends I realise that I forgot to get bounties for the current activity, and it's bothersome to make everyone suffer from my forgetfulness. So I thought, why not make the official app more engaging by adding a system to get the daily bounties from the vendors, like a digital kisosk?

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