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Bearbeitet von Kool015: 8/9/2019 7:06:36 PM

Gambit Bug - UI breaks (opening Inventory does not resolve), as well as other issues

Just finished a game of Gambit. During the second round, the Gambit UI at the top of the screen that tells the team motes completely broke and only ever displayed zero. I am aware that opening the Inventory screen is a common fix for broken UI, however it did not fix it in this instance. Below are additional bugs I discovered in this round: The teleporters on the map did not work It seemed the invasion portal for my team never came up Enemy Invader had no timer or notification that they were present besides the initial line from Drifter No killfeed for when I killed an enemy on an invasion Drifter told us SEVERAL times to bank for a Primeval, but no Primeval came out until the 3rd or 4th time It seemed the other team's Primeval health bar was actually our Primeval's health bar. Our bar was never displayed Video is attached to this post for clarification.
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