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8/8/2019 7:06:01 AM

CRUCIBLE SOLEMNITY shader is still unobtainable?

This seems like a known issue that has slipped through the cracks since this [url=] TWAB [/url] from 11/29/2018 mentions: [quote][b]Crucible Solemnity Shader: We are investigating an issue where this shader cannot be obtained in Season 5 by players who did not already earn it in Season 4.[/b][/quote] I checked the known issues list again recently and saw that this particular issue is no longer listed. From what I can tell; it has not yet been fixed. I have played hundreds of hours of crucible and turned in many thousands of crucible tokens and have never seen this shader. In my search for similar posts I saw that other people on reddit and the bungie forums have had similar issues. Is it possible to unlock this shader somehow in season 7 through in game actions? or Bungie wizardry?

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