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8/7/2019 10:24:22 PM

Solstice of Heroes is an Ad for Eververse

Seriously, every single item added to the event aside from the year 1 armor is paywalled in eververse. This is year 1 dawning all over again. Back then, Barrett acknowledged the scales were tipped too far towards eververse and that even cosmetics from then on would be added to actual game activity reward pools alongside reasonable gameplay paths towards earning bright engrams by playing. Fast forward to today and you can see they are not keeping a single word of theirs: 1. No event engrams. You have to buy most cosmetics with paywalled silver currency through eververse only. 2. From next season onwards, no bright engrams at all, and no bright dust at all from dismantles. You have to buy most cosmetics with paywalled silver currency through eververse only. 3. No event cosmetic reward from any in-game activity. All are paywalled. Next season’s cosmetics will very likely be entirely paywalled as well. The above proves that solstice of heroes and future seasons are nothing more than eververse ads. We know that Bungie is not capable of making a lot of content due to severe incompetence, that is why they pump all of their resources towards eververse. Have you noticed how the only vendor in the game who gets updated every season is Tess everis? How all year 1 planetary vendors and most year 1 gear remain completely useless and abandoned [b][i][u]2 years[/u][/i][/b] after the game launched? We need to take a stand now or things will only get worse in the future. Do not pre-order shadowkeep or buy any silver. Voice your opinions and let them know that you are unhappy with the direction the game is headed in.

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