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Do Triumphs added after Forsaken Shipped Count Towards Seal the Deal Achievement/Trophy?

I'm having a hard time finding anything definitive one way or another. Can anyone here chime in if they: * Earned their first triumph seal with one that came out after Forsaken (Blacksmith, Reckoner, Shadow, MMXIX) * Successfully earned the Seal the Deal Achievement/Trophy either without earning a Forsaken-launch Triumph or earned the Achievement/Trophy [i]before[/i] getting the Forsaken-launch Triumph Everything I'm finding seems to suggest that the achievement/triumph doesn't pop for post-Forsaken-launch Triumph Seals, but trying to get a straight answer out of Bungie (tried pinging dmg, deej, griffinwb, Luke Smith on Twitter) is harder than pulling teeth. So, I'm hoping to find [i]someone[/i] who has actually gotten the achievement/trophy, or get someone from Bungie to clearly state "It's only earn-able from the Triumphs that shipped with Forsaken." To be clear, * Yes, I've done the profile switch thing on Xbox * I've waited 6 days so far

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