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Bearbeitet von Zamorak: 8/5/2019 7:28:10 PM

BUNGIE You Broke the Tribute Hall

Dear Bungie, From the last patch notes: [quote]Players will no longer be able to place the Tribute Hall introductory tribute on an alternate character to gain credit for a large number of tributes placed[/quote] Because of this patch, the initial tribute is missing from our inventories. There is no way to get another introductory tribute and if used on another character it has no effect and is gone forever. After this happens, the following occurs on all characters: Bounties do not reward the introductory tribute. Tributes are not purchasable. Tribute hall doors remain closed. Introductory tribute quest is incomplete. To summarize: You fixed the exploit but you forgot the part where the game still needs to be playable if it happens accidentally. This has happened personally to me as well as MANY other players who have recieved no contact. If you need any screenshots or information please let me know. Thanks, Zamorak

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