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Bearbeitet von Kellogs: 8/5/2019 7:43:23 PM

BUG: Upgrading Solstice Armour DELETED unrelated armour piece.

I had fully Masterworked 'Shotgun Loader + Shotgun Scavenger' Apocalypse Gauntlets. When I entered the Tower and subsequently swapped them out with my Solstice gauntlets in order to upgrade the Solstice armour at the statue, the Apocalypse Gauntlets were gone. Nowhere to be found. I checked my inventory, I checked my vault, I logged off and searched via Destiny Item Manager. Completely gone, even though I certainly did not dismantle them. Could someone from Bungie kindly explain how in the hell that happened? And maybe fix that very serious issue? --- Edit: Could someone who is capable of actually reading the post kindly respond? Preferably someone capable of investigating what went wrong, instead of providing nothing but dismissive and unhelpful comments?

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