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Bearbeitet von DuBChiri2: 8/4/2019 6:28:48 PM

Buff thundercrash.

It is time buff thundercrash. How you might ask? Well I've made around 12 of these posts since forsaken so I think I got the gist of it now. Buff the supers damage by 60%. Nova bomb received over a 95% damage buff a while back because both of them were actually terrible for boss damage. Thundercrash doesn't need insane boss damage but a good fat buff regardless. Increase the duration at which it can fly at maximum speed without slow down. This super slows down before half of its duration bar is done, which makes the other half just force fall down. This mechanic is so undeniably stupid as it cripples it's range and requires your targets to be within lift distance (tested it, lift goes almost as far as thundercrash does from a jump, it's like a difference of 10 feet which is terrible). Sprinting should cause the charged melee to regenerate more quickly, think of how hunters can recharge their dodge ability more quickly by sprinting on arcstrider. The point people constantly make about how fast thundercrash charges compared to other supers is entirely reliant on an exotic to do so. Without full melee mods, by itself, the charged melee won't give you much of a noticeable bonus due to the long cool down. Having a way to reduce the cool down will give it more of a neutral game and reduce its complete reliance on skullfort. Not denying it can be charged incredibly fast, it's just mostly due to the exotic instantly recharging your melee that it's good. Even chaos reach with geomags can make a good chunk of its super cool down disappear because the traces grant a bit of super energy. Pair that with the ability to cut off your super and save around 20%+ and then geomags cutting off another get your super so damn fast. Inertia override should grant an increased ammo pick up range, reload weapons upon just moving over the ammo, but require the slide for the damage boost. This perk is near worthless in pve and is situational in crucible. Having a free damage buff is nice, but there are rarely good opportunities where you will find this perk valuable outside of a complete set up because it's rng based and requires a specific command to complete. Allow the charged melee to activate inertia override. In pve you are going to be slamming targets a bunch, so much so that you won't even really need to shoot unless you can't punch something. In most cases, you will rarely ever think about utilizing this perk because of how much more valuable the charged melee is. If the charged melee, over it's radius, could scoop up ammo and apply inertia override, then maybe you would find more value with meleeing a target and then shooting afterwards. I don't think anybody that uses it can deny that skullfort slamming is pretty much the only reason you will be using it. And...I think that should do it honestly. Having a way to regenerate it's melee will grant it much more variety in exotics that can be used because it will no longer need skullfort. Obviously it's not going to make skullfort worthless because it has health regen and instant melee regen, but it will at least reduce its reliance. Without a complete reliance on skullfort it will have its potential opened up to exotics like synthoceps and other niche exotics you might like using, such as dune marchers or mask of the quiet one. Neutral game is easily thundercrashes biggest flaw and I hope that my ideas would remedy it's flaws to some degree and create more synergy and desire in running around fluidly, because right now it has no value outside of orb regen, but other titan supers have means to generate faster regen or orbs, with sentinel being the one standing at the top.

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