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Bearbeitet von MrDudeGuyMcCool: 8/4/2019 7:48:32 PM

Gambit Prime Bug (Think I got a world record? 68 kills)

So I just had the weirdest match of gambit prime in my life while grinding for the final majestic set I need on my titan. It was all going well, except that my team was terrible at collecting motes and their team was terrible at dps and denying the invader. This resulted in both of our primevals not taking any damage which led to the timer running out, then suddenly tada a TIE. Not to mention this was my first ever gambit prime tie I've ever experienced and I love that game mode. So comes in the second round and me and my friend were trying to carry cuz our other two teammates gave up, we wanted to but I needed them player kills with an arc weapon so we sucked it up and kept banking motes. Suddenly time goes by and before we know it they have 99 motes.... then they bank the final one... then nothing happens. What? The game bugged out and no primeval spawned. Then we finally got to 99 motes and our boy just so happened to have 1 more. He runs in to bank and he does the animation for banking and everything. The bar on the top says we reached 100, but for some reason he kept his mote? And all the enemies disappeared, however even though we were at 100 no primevals spawned. So I just invaded over and over until the timer ran out. Another tie. "Round three" in short I kept invading constantly until finally my team won due to ANOTHER TIME OUT, but this time we had more dmg on our primeval and idk what the world record is for the most kills in a single match of gambit? But if any of you beat 68 let me know lmao. World record boys! (Also before I forget, that match took like an entire hour so fun) Edit: So some of you guys seem to be thinking this might be fake because I mention multiple rounds. For those of you who dont know if you get a tie (in my case by having neither team damage their primeval round 1, and neither team being able to summon a primeval in round 2 due to a bug and then waiting for the timer to run out) then it just starts another entire match over again, no sudden death, you just play the entire thing again, trust me I couldnt have gotten 68 kills in just one round, but if you guys need more proof I have more screenshots to prove it was gambit prime. (you can also find a post about the experience that my friend, ohn titor made focusing on the round where no one could summon their primeval)

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