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[PS4] Divine Dragon's Alliance now accepting member requests!

Having trouble with LFG? Perhaps your clan is feeling a little dry? Maybe you just want a new set of friendly individuals to tackle the darkness with? If so, look no further than our very own Divine Dragons Alliance. •Quest Help •50+ active members and counting •Clan hosted pvp events •Weekly Raids We are a group of clan dedicated guardians that would like to bring in more members. Recently with Shadowkeep bringing in a larger fan-base for the game we see plenty of lost lights out there wandering the LFG posts. Our goal is to help guide these solo or small bands of friends into a community they can rely on. In order to request membership go to our clan page If accepted and you wish to bring in friends simply message MichaelU426, col_quasar, or riklick on either or through Playstation.

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