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8/3/2019 12:17:50 PM

Destiny 2 Servers Are Not Available

Hello, I'm an Italian Player. I haven't played Destiny 2 for a bit. I've returned in Italy after a while and my pc has remaiend in Germany. I had my pc sent from Germany, when arrived I've updated the game and I've tried to log in, but I can't even reach the character screen because "Destiny 2 Servers Are Not Available". Initially I thought that the problem was due to an accout block because of the IP change. I've also received a message on my phone from Blizzard Entertainment as advise of this block. I've contacted Blizzard and my account isn't blocked anymore but I still can't play because "Destiny 2 Servers Are Not Available", and they said to contact Bungie, because the problem doesn't concern them. What I can do to solve my problem and return to play?

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