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7/28/2019 10:30:37 AM

[PS4] - PaperArchers - Active Community - All Welcome! - Raids/PvP - 18+ Due to the nature of the community.

[I]Prepare for takeoff with us, [B]PaperArchers!!![/B][/I] Cannot guarantee we have licences to fly, but [B]how hard[/B] can it be? We are a strange clan with old members looking to bolster our ranks and push for glory once more now that we have discovered adulting isn't as hard as it was. [B] We are an 18+ clan due to the level of shenanigans that gets on in our community, so be prepared for a very NSFW group![/B] What we can offer you: • Raid Clears • PvP and PvE Matchmaking • Friday Night Drunken Private Matches - [Me + Beer = Comedy Central!!!] • Friendly Community • Much more! Our discord community contains all the relevant people you'll ever need to get those final triumphs cleared or if you just need someone to team up with to push for glory in Crucible! Whilst we may not appear to be a hardcore guild, our main aim is to group together people from all around the world who are looking for a place to find easy and simple matchmaking and to teach people how to raid (we have a lot of patience from carrying my sorry ass!). If this interests you, or you're unsure if we're the right place for you, alls I can say is this: Give us a try and we'll maybe offer you our cookies or more..... Thank you for reading and if you want to join, Just post a reply in this post or pester us on our discord for an invite. :) [img][/img]

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