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7/30/2019 12:36:43 AM

bungie we need better loot man

strike loot strike Specific loot would be amazing to have again things like stolen will. and such so i had a reason to replay strike after hitting max level. and with this strike Specific loot we could also see them themed after the strike they come from again stolen will from winters run. nightfall loot revamp going forward the nightfall loot in destiny 2 is really uninspired it feels like a bunch of banshee weapons which just got thrown into nightfalls i love to see them themed after the nightfall itself and maybe there could also be 1 unique perk per nightfall which could only roll on the nightfall loot. vendor random rolls each day i would love to see some weapons from the inventory of different vendors each day kinda like the d1 system where you could then go up and buy set weapon with set roll then each day you could change out the roll. so you could keep it fresh rewards for hard activities as a person who loves raiding myself and have done the flawless runs, i wish there was more of a reward i could show off i think it would be cool if there was either a gun or a set of ornaments tied to each flawless raid you did. that way i could show off to all in my clan that i did the flawless raid triumph rewards i think there should be more of a reward of having a set triumph score you could give people a new shader or weapon or armor set for a fresh hold of triumph score that way i would have a reason to do my nade triumphs and such. ninja pups also made a video on this here is the link

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