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7/29/2019 4:48:30 PM

Just reduce the super energy regen and increase the energy cost of the light attack for bottom tree striker.

Those are the two biggest problems with striker right now for PvP. It's lack of energy cost with the amount of super energy it gets make it's duration exceed what should be acceptable, as is the case, or should be the case with all supers in PvP. Since bungie had the ability to nerf gwisin vests super regen in PvP more so than pve, strikers should be reduced to around 7% instead of the starting 10% to bring it more in line with gwisin. As for the light attack, it's energy cost is currently being reduced by 83%. If we reduce this to 70%, striker should be strong, but not super spam the bumper 3 anymore, or at least not as bad. With regards to it's health regen, it just like all other mobile supers will become easier to kill, by how much I don't know but still. With a reduction in armor it will become a little more easy to shut down which will make the health regen more of a life saver instead of turning you into an unkillable foot ball player. As for how the increase in super energy cost would affect pve, I think increasing the amount it gets to around 12% on kill and up to 20 kills with diminishing returns will help it out, because I believe right now you get 10% energy and it only lasts for 15 kills.

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