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Bearbeitet von SuperSirianRigel: 7/24/2019 7:25:45 PM

Please bring back Faction Vendors

Please bring back Faction Vendors permanently. Make them be like they were in original Destiny. Where we can rank up with maybe faction experience and maybe add faction bounties. And have loot for sell at each one. And maybe even have them give exotic class items like in original Destiny. Then on top of all that you could still have a Faction Rally once a month. With tokens and packages. Just bring them back permanently somehow. ALSO... Make planetary vendors useful again. Like being able to get armor with random rolls. Maybe even with armor 2.0. I miss my Titan set! lol But yeah... Thanks for listening. God Bless. Rigel *Edit: Do you see the response Bungie? This is important to your community. Also in another comment I made I mentioned the possible Faction Rally (on top of the vendor being permanent) being Crucible based. It would be awesome. Like a sporting event of some kind. Maybe similar to that possible "Faction Wars" that never happened in original Destiny. Make it happen Bungie. We know you can do the right thing.

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