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7/27/2019 1:36:58 AM

Could this fix faction rally?

Do it!




On the fence¿?


***Faction rally fix*** Bring back permanent factions. As an added bonus have the monthly or by-monthly rally come with a blank canvas reward. Build a unique weapon that (exp. scout rifle with new and unique frame) is blank unmarked and without any faction marks that everyone can receive at the start and use throughout the rally, where all wins, kills, and activities are tallied up (exp.: Hawthorne progress but for factions) and the winning faction over all receives a personalized look and maybe added perks at the conclusion of that rally. This would even the playing field so people will pledge and attempt to win for the faction they want to be a part of versus pre determined outcomes based on who apparently has the best weapon offered that month as it was in D2’s faction rallies. Losing faction weapon will become obsolete or broken “a jammed weapon with such potential” call it safe to delete. No pre determined design either let the winning community vote on one of three within winning faction. Deliver personalized weapon at later date. Keep usage of unmarked frame with new unlocked perks available until delivery of winning design similar to what is being done with solstice armor in Shadow keep. Award weapon say a couple weeks out as retrievable item with the gunsmith or faction NPC Hope that made sense. What do you think Guardians?

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