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Bearbeitet von Wes: 7/29/2019 11:55:36 AM

So, a well rolled Erentil FR4 can kill at 27 meters.

See that? 27 meters. Granted this is with great perks meant for mapping like that, but dang. 27 meters. If super damage resilience gets reduced and this kill range isn't changed, the Crucible is about to be filled with a whole lot of voops. I don't even want to imagine that. Edit: I only tested to about 30 meters, but apparently a good user can get it to reach our even further to something like 50-70 meters. Also, realize I didn't scream for a nerf. I literally just opened up a conversation about the Erentil and how it could be a problem now or down the road, as conversation and feedback are literally the point of the forums. Nerfs are not the only option and a nerf is not the point of this post. Edit 2: My friend got a roll from Banshee with Tap the Trigger, Firmly Planted, Liquid Coils, the scope (forget the name), and a range masterwork. A stationary target was killed at 70 meters and a moving target was killed at 40. Moving target was a hunter at 8 mobility using stompees. He strafed while ADSing and while not. He also tried running in a straight line across Dead Cliffs. Died consistently at 35-40 meters. (Little bit of variability built in in case he didn't move in a perfectly horizontal fashion.) Last Edit: To those saying these tests don't matter at all, here's a link to a poll. The results line up almost directly with the test under Edit 2. Granted it's still growing, but there ya have it.

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