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Bearbeitet von Blazeforward: 7/26/2019 1:04:13 AM

[XBOX] Group of friends looking for new highly active AUS based clan with SKILLED players

We have moved between a few clans in our time since D1. We either get into a good active clan but its mostly US or UK players so our time zones don't line up well to play together, or we get into AUS clans that are either inactive or the players are not very skilled and make us lose in PVP or really struggle in Raids so we waste time trying to carry them. What we are looking for is an AUS based clan that has active members that Raid weekly, complete milestones etc and are decent PVP players that can hold their own. Hit me up if your clan is like this and I will look you up and check the stats of the Founder/Admins to see if you are active and have raid clears, what your PVP K/D is etc Sorry if I sound elitist I'm really not we're really just sick of just bouncing between clans being let down all the time and then forced to go through the whole process of looking again Hope to hear from you soon :)

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